State and Allied Regional Associations


Colorado Arborists and Lawn Care Professionals (CALCP)
: CALCP was organized in 1988 for the purpose of providing educational training for Tree and Lawn Care Professionals in Colorado. They have remained true to that cause by offering our Spring Training Conference every year since. The classes are approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and they publicize the conference widely with up to 280 professionals attending each year.

In 2009, CALCP undertook the Day of Service project at the oldest cemetery in Denver that has no water supply and have continued their support of this cemetery for 6 years providing them raised beds planted with Plant Select plants; removal of dead trees; planting of native grasses throughout the cemetery; and establishing an iris bed that hopefully will be an income producer to pay for water and upkeep. In the past year, CALCP has also supplied them with water storage capacity of 4500 gallons in several tanks and a trailer to move the water from place to place, a storage shed, mulch & fertilizer, and a spray tank.


Connecticut Nursery & Landscape Association (CNLA): CNLA is the largest Green Industry non-profit in the state of Connecticut. Our members include wholesale growers and distributors, garden centers, landscape designers/contractors and affiliated government and trade organizations.

We are an industry watchdog, hiring lobbyists at the Capitol to watch out for our interests and offer a certification program and two major trade shows annually for networking and education.  We have a strong working relationship with our land grant institution, the University of Connecticut.

We are over 100 years old and are proud of a rich history.  We are even prouder to serve our constituents’ current and future needs!


Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association (IPLCA): IPLCA, the Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association, is a member-driven organization that deals with issues and concerns that are important to Illinois lawn and turf care professionals.

IPLCA strives to create positive relationships with environmental, regulatory and public agencies. It also provides networking and career development for Illinois lawn and turf care professionals as well as educational programs on lawn and turf care for the general public. Additional information about IPLCA can be found at

Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association

Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association (KNLA):
KNLA is the leading trade association representing Kentucky's green industry. Founded in 1926, its members include production nurseries, garden centers, landscape designers, design-build landscape contractors, landscape maintenance contractors, arborists, education professionals, gardens/parks/arboretums and other private sector companies. KNLA is also a partner in the region's premier trade show held in Louisville, Kentucky - the Kentucky Landscape Industries Expo. For more information about KNLA, visit

Landscape Contractors Association MD.DC.VA

Landscape Contractors Association MD.DC.VA (LCA):
The Landscape Contractors Association MD-DC-VA (LCA) provides local resources for landscape professionals to help them maximize their business potential. Through its membership, LCA offers a dynamic and professional community of landscape contractors, landscape architects and designers, grounds departments, educational institutions, and suppliers joined together in a supportive environment. Each member benefits from increased opportunities for mentoring, knowledge exchange, education through seminars and conferences, training and testing for certification, a legislative voice and enhanced visibility among potential customers.


Michigan Green Industry Association
(MGIA): The Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA) is a statewide Association serving the green industry since 1960. Our diverse membership consists of members in the area's of landscape design/build; lawn maintenance/fertilization; irrigation; tree care; hardscapes and snow removal; in addition to suppliers. The MGIA publishes a premium full-color award-winning, monthly magazine - The Landsculptor.     

MGIA produces the largest green industry Trade Show in Michigan with more than 150 exhibitors, drawing more than 5,000 attendee's. The show includes two days of the industries most exceptional classes! MGIA offers dozens of educational programs yearly, many include re-certification credits for Certified Pesticide Applicators, Landscape Industry Certified Professionals, Certified Snow Professionals, Certified Arborist and others.
National Hispanic Landscape Alliance

National Hispanic Landscape Alliance
(NHLA): The NHLA is an association that facilitates and promotes the advancement of Hispanics as landscape industry professionals and leaders, and provides the nation's half million Hispanic-American landscaping professionals a voice in the national dialogue on environmentally responsible landscape practices and a means through which to advocate on behalf of their businesses, the livelihood of their employees, and the quality of life in their communities.

Ohio Landscape Association
Ohio Landscape Association (OLA):
The Ohio Landscape Association (OLA) is a non-profit trade association for landscape contractors and their suppliers. Its mission for more than 40 years has been to encourage professionalism and ethical standards among landscape contractors through educational opportunities and to promote the image of the landscape industry. The OLA is a valuable resource to its members, providing them with tools to increase sales and reduce their expenses along with a multitude of other benefits including educational and networking opportunities and great savings within its group workers' compensation program. The OLA also takes an active advocacy role in protecting and furthering its members' business interests at both the state and federal levels.

Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association

Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA):
The Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) was founded in Milwaukee in 1966. Since that time the Association has grown to five chapters and over three hundred members. The mission of WLCA is to promote the growth, environmental awareness and professionalism of the landscape industry for the benefit of our communities. Landscape contractors cannot practice their profession within a self-serving vacuum. They must learn, develop, promote and share those special talents which are so unique to our industry. An association pools resources, shares experiences and improves skills to produce an important service profitably. Working cooperatively with WLCA State, the Wisconsin Green Industry Federation and PLANET, local chapters are able to meet local, state and national industry wide challenges, problems and opportunities.