Promotional Resources


PLANET has provided you with a variety of different promotional resources and templates regarding PLANET Day of Service. Feel free to use these resources as you promote your participation and project to your members, customers, colleagues, and/or clients.


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Communication Templates

Invite Your Local Representatives


Invite your U.S. representative and local state legislators to attend your event! PLANET Day of Service offers many positive outcomes. It benefits the people who are receiving your volunteer time, and your employees gain the satisfaction of giving back while using the expertise they apply on the job every day. This is a great opportunity to show the community and our elected officials the commitment and professionalism of the industry.


Communicating with your legislators about PLANET Day of Service can be beneficial to your company, the industry, and PLANET. We encourage you to use the customizable letter PLANET has created for you to invite your local representative to your PLANET Day of Service event.

Sample Press Releases