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It is our goal to get media coverage of the Day of Service so the public is made aware of our members' commitment to improving the quality of life in their communities by caring for and improving the green spaces where they live, work, and play. The NALP PR team will promote the event to the national and regional media. Since there are so many projects, the staff cannot promote them all to the local media. Instead, we offer webinars, media templates, and advice to help you promote your event.

Promoting your event:

  • Create a media advisory. A media advisory is like an invitation to the media to cover your event. It gives them all the details about the event (why you are doing it, where and what time it will be held, etc.), and includes contact information. NALP has provided you with a media advisory template for you to customize with the details of your event.

  • Contact the media. Many NALP members already have a list of media contacts for their area. If you don't have such a list, you can develop one by making a list of your local newspapers and television stations.

For newspapers, look on their Web sites or call them and ask for contact information (e-mail and fax number) for the city editor or metro editor. If the newspaper is very small, then ask for the editor. If your newspaper is in a larger market, you may also have a horticultural beat reporter, philanthropy/nonprofit beat writer, or home editor. E-mail or fax the advisory to those contacts.

For television stations, call and ask for the e-mail and fax number for the assignment desk, and e-mail and/or fax your advisory to the assignment desk editors. Larger markets will also have planning editors, and they are good contacts as well.

Media advisories can be sent approximately two to four weeks in advance to newspapers and one week in advance to television stations.

Follow up with calls to the reporters/editors/assignment editors to make sure they know about the event.


Key Talking Points


Media are most interested in things that benefit the local community. Your "key messages" to stress to the media are that:

  • You are participating in the nationwide Day of Service.
  • How your project benefits the local community.
  • Your project is a volunteer project.
  • The lawn and landscape industry is holding a nationwide day of service on Earth Day to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment.

NALP has provided talking points to help you prepare for your media interviews.


Opinion Editorial


Another way to get attention for your event is to submit an op-ed to your local paper. NALP has provided a sample Opinion Editorial for you to customize. Most papers have instructions on their Web site or in the paper about how to submit an op-ed. You must adhere to their word count and other guidelines.


Press Kits


Print out the press kit materials provided below and give them to media who come to cover your event. Add your media advisory as well as background information about your company to the general press kit materials.


Select a Spokesperson


Decide who from your company is most knowledgeable and will be most comfortable speaking with the press and make sure they will be at the event to speak with the press.


Additional Assistance


If you need help creating a media list, contact the NALP PR department at 800-395-2522 for assistance. Also, if you are with a company that has an in-house PR person or uses an outside PR firm, make sure to tell them about the event. They might be able to promote it for you.


Sample Forms



Press Kits